How To Register In Cwinz and How To Verify Your Account In Cwinz?

Registration is compulsory for placing a bet in Cwinz. You need to create an account so that you can get access to the betting games. Cwinz Registration process is very simple.

Steps Involved In Registration

After you have visited the website of Cwinz, you can see “Register” icon in the top right corner of the screen. Once you click on “Register” button a pop-up screen opens. You need to have the passport or any other valid government document ready with you before starting with registration.Cwinz Registration

You can read the message “Register Now. It is Easy” displayed in the screen. You have to create an account with a valid username, email and password. Enter your full name on the first tab (as displayed in your government document), and enter a valid email (you should have it opened already) in the next column. In the last column you have to create a password of your choice. Make sure to choose password with letters and numbers or special characters. (do remember your password)

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Cwinz Registration Step 2

Once you hit the enter button, you will be taken to Registration Step 2 page. Your first name, last name will be displayed in the screen. Now you have to choose the country you belong, from the drop down menu. Also select the currency of your country in the required field. Next column is your contact number. Here the country code will be displayed automatically. Next you have to type the mobile number or landline number that is registered in your name. Next column you have to type of number of government identification like passport, driver’s license or any other valid documents.

Cwinz Registration

Next you have to check the empty box below which says you are 18 years or above and you are playing with your own money. By clicking the check box you agree to the terms and conditions in Cwinz. By hitting the enter button, you are finished registration. 

Congratulations! You are now registered” is displayed on the screen.

You are done with your registration now. It is as simple as that. 

Why Is It Necessary To Verify Your Cwinz Account?

Like in any other banks, KYC verification is absolutely necessary in Cwinz. If the customer becomes a problem gambler, appropriate measures are taken promptly to prevent it. No player gets the access of placing a bet before his/her account is verified. For this reason, every client should complete the KYC process and account verification. Cwinz can track the account holder easily using the ID card and alert them in case of problem gambling. 

Details of the account holder are gathered in Cwinz for the sole purpose of taking steps appropriately in case of excessive gambling. The privacy of the player is never compromised and Cwinz gives the guarantee for protecting the client details at any cost. By collecting the details of every customer Cwinz ensures that no minors are placing any bets and gamble with money. 

Process Of Cwinz Account Verification

After you complete the registration, you are taken to the page of account verification. In the left corner of the page you can see your name and below it a message clearly says “your account not verified”.  You will be able to read another message telling you to upload any id document. It also tells you to follow certain criteria specified in the website while uploading the document.

The size of the image should not be more than 10MB and the file should be in PNG, PDF or JPG format as specified. Your picture image should be of natural colors and not in black and white. And most importantly the document ID you upload should be clearly visible with respect to the signature, photo, validity period and seal.

Cwinz Verification Process
Cwinz KYC Process

In order to prevent hackers to access your personal data, Cwinz follows stringent measures while uploading your ID. You should be ready to furnish any other document as required by the support team.

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Regarding The Identification Documents In Cwinz

Your ID should be valid document like passport, bank slip, social ID card and IBAN. Every country has its own criteria for fixing the valid ID document and hence you can choose any one of the document you wish to upload. 

After you have chosen the file (ID) and uploaded it rightly, you can click on “verify” tab. 

Your account has been successfully verified – is the message displayed on the screen.

cwinz verification
Cwinz KYC Verification

You are done with verification process!

Now you can deposit some money in your account and start placing bets. You are now open to unlimited bundle of games and entertainment.

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